Waste Wear

How long have you been you saying to yourself, "I wish I had a Colossal Waste Tee Shirt to wear when I'm travelling, so that I can take pictures of myself wearing it that can be put up on the Waste."  Yeah.  A lot of times, I know.  At long last, you can take a pic like that, send it to me, and I will put that pic on the Waste.  How fun is that?  And there is the added bonus that 5% of the purchase price of all Waste Wear goes to your favorite charity, but only if your favorite charity happens to be the Waste itself and you want to make sure that the Waste keeps on coming.

Below are some specific examples of Waste Wear, although there are many, many more items at the store above.  Every item can be customized by color and style.

As I said, there are tons of choices at the store.  From iPhone cases to tank tops to stickers.