About The Author

Yes, Colossal Waste has an author.  What title would you prefer?  Creator?  Blogger?  Typist?  You know, this sort nit-picking gets very old very fast.  The fact is that the Waste is written, and you call the person who writes something the author.  I do not make the rules, I follow them.  (Well, I make some of them.)

Where were we?  Ah, yes, About The Author.  The author of Colossal Waste is an award-winning screenwriter who has directed two independent films, Face The Music and Too Much Sex.  You should give them 10-stars on IMDB, Netflix, and Amazon right now.  Seriously.  Right now.

The Author, a tad camera-shy
What else is there to say?  If you have spent any time on The Waste, you know full-well that the pictures and content are about the places and the food and the people, not the person experiencing them.  Honestly, the last thing that I ever wanted to do was talk about myself.  But after seeing the page About The Waste up there it became obvious that the next page should be an About The Author page as well.

But here is what we shall do.   I do not like talking about myself, but I love talking.  I have turned on the Comments below, and I guarantee a response to any and all questions or comments posted here.  Since I have no idea what anyone wants to know about me, I give you all the floor to ask whatever you like.

I know that very few people are going to post a comment, but those that do are going to get a gold star for the day.


  1. Carol H. ChenowethJuly 8, 2011 at 9:06 AM

    I turn to the waste for a dose of humor and amazing photography of sights I hope to see in the future. Thank you!!

  2. We have our first Gold Star Winner.

  3. Ever in search of ways to spend my time, I find the Colossal Waste a good way to while a way some minutes. Of course, reading a Colossal Waste makes the blog ironic (because it is not a waste if it brings others pleasure) but I wonder if my reading it is a colossal waste (which would not be ironic). I like the way you've escaped the name by poignantly pointing (literally) out that "life without travel" is The Waste and by allowing vicarious travel through the photos and comments. Happy trails and bon appetit.

  4. Hi Folks,
    My heart actually hurts to think of all the places I'll never be able to see in this world. I work and work hard, but there never seems to be enough money to travel. My dream trip is to go to London, England and visit of all places, the Library, ugh!!! Anyway - God bless you in your travels. My spirit is with you each and every mile!!!

    Carolyn Bussey

  5. Hi Carolyn. Thank you very much for that comment. We are very lucky that while we are on the road both Barbie and I can work every day on our laptops. Without the internet allowing Barbie to work every day, this travel would not happen. The Waste never includes pictures of us sitting in a room working for half the day, but there would not be a Waste if that time was spent any other way. I sincerely hope you find your way to London. If a long visit is not possible you can still see a whole lot in 2-3 days! Get a cheap ticket and spend a long weekend there, soon.

  6. I finnaly found your famous website Jeff