Monday, April 18, 2011

Las Vegas Weekend, April 2011, Part Two

Today is our only full-day in Vegas.  Not too many pics, but they have all been comic-book-ized for your viewing pleasure.  I never read comic books, ever.  Yet I think they are cool and have many friends who read them.  Perhaps I just like combining words an images.  The Waste is little more than words and images pushed together, no?

Instead of doing a day three of this is trip, you get one Monday picture.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Las Vegas Weekend, April 2011, Part One

Well... the Waste has been to Vegas a few times.  We all know this.  And this weekend Barbie was headed to Vegas to meet with her friend Roberta while Jeff and Nate were going to sit at home watching the NBA playoffs.  One thing lead to another, and soon enough three people were in a Volvo headed to Vegas.

I would have been tempted to not bother putting this trip on the Waste.  But sitting in the back seat of the car on Interstate 15, I rediscovered an iPhone app that I have basically never used.  It takes your pics and converts them to comic book style images.  Voila!  We have a concept to keep a Vegas trip interesting!