Tuesday, January 1, 2013

For nearly a decade, Colossal Waste was the official travel & food blog of Jeff Howard.  His now ex-wife Barbara was (still is, actually) one of the premiere travel agents in Hollywood, with fabulous and important clients.  This meant that Jeff & Barbara had to fly around the world visiting the same fabulous cities, staying in the same fabulous hotels, and eating at the same fabulous restaurants as the Hollywood elite.

As an amateur photographer and a man who cannot help but sit and write at the end of the day,  Jeff did his best to chronicle everything he saw and everything he ate.  Barbara still travels the world, but now Jeff has grown some roots in his new life.  When he does travel the pictures go on Instagram & Facebook.

The Waste is now dormant, but Jeff is pleased with to have chronicled all 274 days of travel.  And it's more than a little fun to know that there was a time when the Waste was pulling in hundreds of strangers and the pics were getting thousands of views.  The only regret is that I never had time to get the African trip from 2008 onto here.

Now that the Waste is one big archive of a past life, I leave you with the "Quick Guide" to the world that is Colossal Waste.


Around The World 2011 (52 Days Across Three Continents) starts HERE

Europe 2010 (48 Days Across The Continent) starts HERE

Europe 2009 (59 Days Across The Continent) starts HERE


New York City, March 2011

Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show 2011

Austin, Texas, December 2010

Venice Canals Holiday Boat Parade 2010

New York City, November 2010

Washington D.C., The Rally To Restore Sanity, October 2010

Four Season Resort Maui, September 2010